Peljesac offers a lot of opportunities for sports and recreation as well as some of the extreme sports. Most of all water sports and activities are widely available: swimming, scuba diving, archaeological sightseeing. There are scuba diving clubs in Zuljana, Trstenik, Orebic, Viganj and Kuciste. You can also enjoy sports fishing, water skiing, wind surfing and kite surfing. Viganj and Kuciste have become famous European destinations thanks to their excellent  conditions for these attractions.

You can play soccer with the locals in every town here, (sand – beach soccer: nisam sigurna jerboa ovdje toga nema) is played on Zuljana and Drace beaches, beach volleyball is popular in Drace, Sreser, Trpanj and Orebic. Tennis lovers will find lovely tennis courts in Orebic.

Jogging, biking and hiking are special treats across Peljesac, for you will be enjoying the mild and fragrant Mediterranean air, breathtaking views of the bluest and clearest sea in the world.
Peljesac mountains offer exciting hiking trails, such as Sv. Ilija (961m) in Orebic and Sv. Ivan in Zuljana. There are numerous caves in these mountains that can be explored so don’t forget your cameras – you will take some amazing shots in these caves. 
Those who just want to take walks along beaches and harbours, and buy pictures of the caves, will be rewarded by the most relaxing and tranquil moments away from busy streets.

Every town will give you a chance to try “bocanje”, a traditional Dalmatian game.